Allergen Statement

Document dated:  February 2024

Allergen or Substance that May
Cause Allergic Reactions
Present in Products and Plant
SULFITES (SODIUM METABISULFITE IS CONSIDERED A “FOOD ADDITIVE”) This includes sulfur dioxide, chemicals that list sulfite, and natural sources (from shrimp, wine, potatoes, etc.)YES                  
WHEATThis includes hydrolyzed wheat protein, flour, gluten flour or other gluten containing products (may include some gums, proteins, or flavorings), starches, etc.NOGluten free per HFF acetic acid supplier
PEANUTS, PEANUT OIL, & PEANUT DERIVED ITEMSThis includes peanut meal, flour and ground nuts, Szechwan sauce, Mancelona nuts (reformed peanuts), etc.NO
SOYBEANThis includes soy powder, protein, oil, lecithin, tofu, etc.NO
MILK & DAIRY PRODUCTSThis includes whey, lactose, cheese, casein, spice carriers, milk, cream, etc.NO
EGG & EGG PRODUCTSThis includes liquid and powders, etc.NO
FISHThis includes surimi, pollack, cod, whitefish, etc.NO
SHELLFISH (CRUSTACEANS & MOLLUSKS)This includes shrimp, lobster, rock lobster, crab, crayfish, clams, mussels, oysters, scallops, and bases made from these items.NO
TREE NUTSThis includes almonds, beechnuts, brazil nuts, nutmeg, cashews, chestnuts, coconuts, pine nuts, hickory, pistachio, macadamia, walnuts, hazelnuts/filberts, pecans, etc.NO



NOTE: The information above is:

1)  Current as of the date stated.

2)  Compiled based upon a survey of HFF ingredient vendors.  Please note that the allergens listed above are most commonly known in the U.S.A.  Other countries may reference other allergens specific to their own country which may not be listed above. Therefore, HFF products may contain other food allergens not referenced above.