Awesome Sauce

Chili Garlic

A thick, chunky style hot sauce with a hint of garlic flavor.
Available in 8 oz., 18oz., and 8.50 lbs. sizes.


Our most popular sauce. Created from sun ripened chilies into a smooth paste we have captured its flavor in a convenient squeeze bottle that is easy to use.
Available in 9 oz., 17 oz., 28 oz., and 8.50 lbs sizes.

Sambal Oelek

A full bodied sauce with the pure taste of chilies. No other flavors have been added for those who prefer a simpler taste.
Available in 8 oz., 18 oz., and 8.50 lbs. sizes.
Please note:


According to our supplier, our products are gluten free.

Are your products gluten free?

All of our sauces are proudly made in the U.S.A.

Where is your sauce made?

Yes, our products are certified Kosher by the Rabbinical Council of California.

Are your products Kosher?

Our chili is grown naturally, therefore, we cannot control the spiciness of our product (as well as color and juiciness).

Why is this hot sauce hotter than a previous bottle that I purchased?

It is lasered on towards the neck of the bottle. You can feel it with your fingers.

Where can I find the best before date on the bottle?

No, they do not have to be refrigerated. Just make sure they are stored in a cool, dry place.

Do your products have to be refrigerated?


How do you pronounce Sriracha?

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