The Smoldering Tiki Sandwich
Submitted to us by a fan, Mr. Bigelow. Thank you for your continued support!
  1. With the oven on 400 degrees, bake the sweet potato fries
  2. On a plate take the four Hawaiian rolls (still together) and separate top from bottom
  3. Cover the bottom Rolls with ham slices
  4. Center Pineapple ring on ham
  5. Slice onion into thin rings, and cover pineapple and ham with 6 or 7
  6. Drizzle Sriracha and honey over onions
  7. Top with Swiss cheese
  8. Add fistful of sweet potato fries on top of cheese. (Hopefully melting cheese)
  9. Fry two eggs sunny side up and top sandwich
  10. Place bun on top