Here are just some snippets from the many letters we receive from our satisfied customers.

"Please consider this letter as an expression of my satisfaction and gratitude regarding one of your products. I've enjoyed Sambal Oelek chili paste for several years and continue to experiment using it on everything from baked potatoes to fish. As a fan of hot and spicy foods, I've never found a chili product which is as full of flavor as is the Sambal Oelek. Thank you for producing such a wonderful, zippy condiment."
-J. D. Peterson

"My family & I love your Toung Ot Sriracha Chili Sauce. We use it on everything!"
-P. Ramos

" housemates and I find your product ('rooster sauce' as we call it) to be essential to the household. For the most part it has replaced ketchup. I could almost eat a napkin that was dotted with it."
E. Lucas

"Just wanted to let you know how much we love your chili sauce. It brings tears of joys to our eyes!"
-D. Bland

"I have been using your product, Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce, and think that it is the best hot sauce that I ever had!"
-P Digiacinto

"Thank you for putting out an excellent product."
-L. Hackman

"...Toung Ot Toi Vietnam (Chili Garlic) is the best spice on the market. Keep up the good work!"
-T. J. O'Reilly

"It is nice to see your on the net. Thanks for the great garlic products...May the eyes of the Heavens be with you and the Spirits guide you!!!"
-T. Watts

"I have adopted Sriracha as a basic condiment and have recommended it to many."
-R. Warner

"I bought a small jar of this product and absolutely love it. . .Keep up the delicious work."
-R. Garcia

"Just a sort note to thank you for your fine products two of which we have at our local Safeway store. your Chili-garlic sauce is fabulous! I only wish I had tried it sooner."
-K. Crips

"I must say that we absolutely love your sauce. Today we went to have a business lunch like usual to the Fortune Dragon in Escondido, California. We use your sauce on EVERYTHING. Good and Spicy... Alan Wheeland (the drummer of Chia King) especially likes the sauce and uses heaping portions of it. We don't know how he does it! His brother Weasle on the other hand tried your sauce and it was a little to much for him.... He had to order a pitcher of water! Ha ha ha ha ha... We had a great laugh over it. Well we saw your web address on the bottle and decided to share that story with you!"
-S. Cross, PCP Records, Ltd.

"Your Sriracha Chili Sauce is the best sauce I have ever had. My father has been making hot sauce at home all my life, and my Grandmother from South Texas has been making and sending very hot sauces to us for many years, but I must admit that since I first tried your sauce I have used no other except on family occasions! It is truly the multi-purpose all food sauce! No matter what kind of food you cook it replaces other sauces and salsa sauces every time at our house. Thank you for making the "Best Sauce in the World." Keep up the great work!"
-M. Rodriguez

More to come in the near future!